Freedom 2 Live Life Well: From the Streets of Las Vegas to the Beaches Of Kauai – Sun, Sand & Sandals

How one single mom did the unthinkable to make a dream come true…

Freedom 2 LIve LIfe Well Moving to Hawaii


What is Freedom

We all have different definitions of Freedom and how we see that manifest in our lives. For me, it was Kauai. Freedom means being able to live where ever I wanted, doing what ever I wanted and that journey is what I share on this blog. See how I found the Freedom 2 Live Life Well.

Freedom 2 Live LIfe Well Moving To Hawaii

What Does Freedom Cost?

Making the choice to live the life I wanted did not come easy, did not come without a price.  What are you willing to pay to live the life you want?  Enjoy the journey as I share what changes I face, sacrifices I made, and decide for yourself if it’s a price you would be willing to pay. Click on the link below to read my blog posts and see for yourself

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Freedom 2 Live Life Well

In 2007, while sitting in a patrol car parked on a dark road watching the city lights of the Las Vegas strip, I made a decision to find a way to enjoy the freedom to live my life well.

I remember looking at the top of the Mandalay Bay and imagining a life making 6 figures without selling my nights (I worked graveyard) and enjoying places like the penthouse at the top of a place like Mandalay Bay.

In 2008, my elderly mother had a heart attack and I walked away from a 6 figure income, 20 year career and enough daily adrenaline to last me a lifetime.  I went in pursuit of a Freedom Life.  Long story short, it hasn’t been an easy path, it hasn’t been an overnight success, but ultimately, I achieved a dream of moving my family to an island in the state of Hawaii called Kauai.

Maybe your dream and path to freedom has nothing to do with moving to a small island in the pacific, but I’m here to tell you if  a retired Las Vegas police sergeant can do it, so can you.  On this website, I share my journey, experiences, and stories and I’ll openly share how I did it and how I’m living the life of my choosing today.

Freedom 2 LIve Life WEll Moving to Hawaii


Next Steps…

Check out my blog posts, enjoy the journey and leave me a comment if you find something you like. You can enjoy my Kauai Pictures on my Instagram Profile here

Moving to Hawaii
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