Who is Regina Floyd & Why a Crusade For Freedom?

Hi….my name is Regina Floyd and I am a FREEDOM Preneur , mompreneur, entrepreneur, now living in beautiful Kapaa Kauai.

I was born in Toul Rosieres France and moved to the states as a 1-year-old baby when my father brought the family to Las Vegas with the Air Force and where I was living ever since until June 15th, 2015.

I had lived in Las Vegas the majority of my life with the exception of having lived in England for four years, so I considered myself a Vegas native.

In 1988 I joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and in March 2008, I retired as a Patrol Sergeant ending a 20 year career in Law Enforcement to care for my sick mother.

Regina Floyd
Regina Floyd (Police Sergeant)



Did the UNTHINKABLE and Walked Away From a 6 Figure Income … 

In 2003 I lost my father and was reminded of my own mortality and I decided to adopt a baby girl from a Russian Orphanage and finally got her home in June 2004.When I got my daughter home and the reality of raising a child alone hit me, I realized I needed to find another way and that’s when I got started on my path to finding a home based business. Over the years I have tried just about everything from selling juice, vitamins, digital products, video products, fitness products, you name it, to find a way. Finally in 2012 I found the answer.   I found a way to generate income from home, online, while still taking care of my family and handling all the responsibilities of a single mom and caretaker of an elder parent.

In 2008 when my mom got sick, I made a decision to risk everything and finally put my family and myself first and I took on a quest for freedom.
It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been SO VERY worth it!
That quest for freedom has meant being able to care for my family, has meant finding ways to get creative in supplementing my income, and has meant I am now completely UNEMPLOYABLE.
My mother passed away March 25, 2013 and I was able to honor her wish of transitioning at home all because I made a choice to work for myself and I found a way to work from home.

When FREEDOM became EVERYTHING to me in 2015

In 2015, I decided to really put the laptop lifestyle to the test and I made a decision to sell just about everything I own, walk away from everything I’ve known, and I moved family (daughter, me, dog and cat) to Kauai.
Regina Floyd
My daughter Irina & I
Today, we live on a most gorgeous island looking for ways to be of value to others and to local business and we are loving every minute.
I can honestly say, I have discovered the Freedom 2 Live Life Well!!! 

My Mission Now

When I decided to move to Kauai, one of the most common things I heard from people was “isn’t it too expensive to live there?” 
I won’t lie, things cost more in Hawaii (most things) and if you think about it, it makes sense – we are after all on an island and if it isn’t grown or made here, it has to be shipped here. 
and that costs! 
Here’s the thing though, after moving here and knowing it IS possible to live a freedom lifestyle, I KNOW I must share this with others. 
Especially NOW that I live on this island 
I see good people working very hard to create a life for themselves and many are working 2-3 jobs to do it. 
I believe it does NOT have to be that way and I’m here to prove it! 
How on earth am I going to do that? 
By sharing what I know, by sharing what I’ve discovered and allowing YOU to make your own decision. 

I’m hoping to inspire others to chase dreams and live the life you deserve!
When is now a good time to discover your passion, LIVE life out loud and share that with others.
To Your Success,
Regina Floyd

Regina Floyd

Skype: regina.l.floyd
Facebook: ReginaLFloyd
Email: ReginaFloyd@gmail.com
Phone: 702 708-1787(Google Voice)


What would your life be like if you were living it the way you really want, full of passion, fun and FREEDOM?


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