Are You The Kind Of Person that Would Never Give Up?

Never Give UP

Never Ever Give UP!

Are you the kind of person that will never ever give up?

No matter what you do in life there will come a time when you will have to choose to keep going or to give up!

It won’t be easy, It won’t be pleasant and it might be the toughest decision you’ve ever made depending on what you are doing.

Check out this very inspirational video and ask yourself: “Could I commit to never give up in a situation like this?”

Reality Check:
You don’t have to be in the Olympics to decide that you will never give up.

This applies to all things in your life.

Truth: You may not be number one, the best at what you do, the winner of the race, the best looking, the smartest, but you can be a person that never gives up and refuses to quit NO MATTER WHAT!

Consider this: Barriers are there to stop the uncommitted, but the committed will break through the barriers…

How committed are you ? Are you doing everything you can to succeed before you give up?

For me this has been a challenge in business. Things get tough, results were slow, but I never quit, I never gave up?

If you are building or promoting a business, you will likely hit rough spots when you wonder if it is really worth it. Think about this though:

Even the top leaders in your company didn’t start at the top….

but they still made it….AND……the truth is we ALL have what it takes. We just have to choose to do it and uh, never give up!

Here are some of the stories you might hear if you stop and listen to the stories being told by some of the top leaders…

  • they were homeless…
  • they were addicted to drugs…
  • they filed for bankruptcy…
  • they lost their homes…
  • some lost their families…
  • most had to start all over from scratch…
  • they sold their belongings…
  • they borrowed money from friends and family…

Did they give up? NO!

They continued to push on, push forward, continued to work towards their goals…

Can you imagine if most of the leaders in our companies didn’t break through whatever barrier they faced….they wouldn’t be making the huge checks they make today.

So I ask again: Are you the kind of person that will Never Give UP…or are you the type to quit at the first sign of difficulty?

How BAD do you really want it!


Never Give Up

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but FIRST….You must Decide you can make this work NO MATTER WHAT!

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never give up
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