Moving to Hawaii: How I Sold My Way To My Dream Life

Have you ever had to do something that made you really uncomfortable but you felt it was necessary?

When I made a decision to move to Kauai, I had to do a few things I wasn’t very uncomfortable with. I share what those are in this post.

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Keep It Simple: Kauai Island Shopping Service

As a frequent traveler to Kauai, I totally understand the value of this kind of service.

On my last two trips to Kauai, feeling completely exhausted after an entire day of travel, I’ve had to drop off bags and head out for food to fill my condo.

Wish I had known about this service

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Yoga in Kauai: The Freedom Of A Healthier Life

One of the biggest attractions to Kauai for me is a healthier life. I don’t know much about Yoga but have been researching the benefits of Yoga combined with the beautiful island of Kauai.

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