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  1. Hi Regina,
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog on your move to Kauai. My husband and I used to live on the south side (3 years) and after living on the mainland for 6 years we are hoping to move back with our five year old daughter and two dogs. Preferably we will be in Kilauea or Kalaheo. I was wondering if you have written anything on Kauai schools and/or your experience with bringing animals from the mainland (or did you get them on island?). Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Kelly, My daughter is in middle school and we’ve only experience Chiefess Kamakahelei but she will be going to Kapaa Middle school next. I don’t have much experience with elementary but did live across the street from Koloa School and felt it was a great school just from observations. There are a couple of private school options here if that is in your budget, even a couple depending on your faith. I have seen a 7th day Adventist Church/school in Kalaheo and Island school is in Lihue.

      I did write a blog post about bringing animals as I brought my 95lb German Shephard/Bay Retriever and a cat. It wasn’t cheap and with some challenge as my dog was about 120lbs to ship with crate, and we flew from Las Vegas in June in some serious heat. I did use Akona Pet Relocation services and had them all worked up prior to avoid the quarantine period in Hawaii. I was able to pick them up the night they showed up (at the Cargo terminal) and took them home that night. Dog was so big they had to forklift her crate into the back of my Forerunner. Poor thing hadn’t pee’d since Oahu but they don’t allow you to take the pet out of the crate on the property and I knew once I took her out, she wasn’t going back in 🙂

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