Day 2: Taking Care of Business – Realities of Moving To Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii and Taking Care of Business

Ever just want to play and have no desire to do the things you must do?

Yea, me too

Day 2 was all about getting some business taken care of even though my heart would rather be sitting on the beach somewhere

Unique business to take care of for me on Day 2.

Because I am retired Law Enforcement, I have a couple of firearms.  Moving to Hawaii meant bringing them with me which was pretty easy to do, and thankfully, a much better process than I have experienced in the past.

When I Googled the laws, I read I had 72 hours to get my weapons registered. When I called the local police department, they told me I had  5 days.  Turns out the 72 hours was more accurate.

I flew United Airlines to get here, changed planes three times, and you can imagine my fear and hope in being reunited with my suitcase, especially the one carrying my firearms.

Taking care of business in my move to Hawaii really started before I even left home.

~ I had to decide how to take firearms – ship or take in luggage
~ I had to research airline rules regarding declaring firearms
~ I had to have the right locked metal container for both guns, ammo separated an away from guns, and also ensure that metal box wouldn’t be taken from my suitcase
~ I had to secure 2-3 gun locks (one for each gun, 1 for box to suitcase)

Fortunately, when I did walk up to counter at United and declared my firearms, I was very HAPPY to learn that they don’t label the luggage with “FIREARMS” so everyone and their brother knows what is in your suitcase.

yep…have had that happen before where they could have just put a red light on the suitcase announcing “take me”

 First Order of Business When I moved to Hawaii

~ Visit to local police department – decided to remain legal with my firearms and get them registered within 72 hours of arriving on the island and avoid a Felony charge for carrying (ccw or any other out of state credentials not valid even for prior law enforcement (watch for a blog post on this one – CRAZY)

~ Visit to local state farm agent to get 4runner coverage transferred
~ lunch at Bubba’s Burgers In Kapaa

bubbas Moving to Hawaii
~ Costco trip for bulk items – My new FAVE store for sure here on the island. 

Interestingly enough, I found it very comforting to at least have some familiar things when moving to Kauai even though I was in search of a very different life.

So on day 2 of our move to Hawaii, although we did tackle a lot of business items, we still managed to enjoy the island.  Just driving from one place to another was like a sightseeing adventure.

Down in Kapaa, we recognized many of our favorite places and things we had seen and done this past December while riding bikes all up and down the Bike Path.

In many ways I feel as if I’m new here to Kauai but in many ways, the island feels like home.

I am very aware we have so much more to learn about living in Hawaii and we are super excited to find out what they all are.

The warm Aloha Spirit truly does still exist in beautiful Kauai!

Why am I sharing my experiences in moving to Hawaii?

I decided to share my daily experiences with others through my blog to hopefully inspire people to live their dreams.

Also, to show that what may seem unobtainable… IS

What my seem impossible – ISN”T

What may seem glorified, is actually real life stuff!

Sure, I could share all the really pretty stuff, all the cool locations and never share the real life day to day things one encounters when moving to Hawaii (Kauai) or anywhere else for that matter.

Just because I stepped foot on this glorious island does NOT mean that real life ceases to exist and it’s all fairy tale stuff.

My goal is to share that when you put your mind to something:
A. You’ll go after it with all you’ve got, afraid or not, with certainty or not
B. You know that anything you DECIDE to do is POSSIBLE
C. You’ll know that it doesn’t take some miracle, winning the lottery, or some special magic juice, dust or plant, to truly live the life you choose.


You will have to make some decisions
You will have to weather some storms, challenges, obstacles, fears, sadness etc
You might even wonder what the heck you are doing right in the middle of what you are doing

I know I did!


YOU can have the life you choose when you simply make a decision to do what ever it takes.

For me…

I made a decision to live a life of freedom and I set out to do that.

I decided I will NOT work for someone else making them rich, I’ll work for me

I decided that I won’t wait for everything to be perfect, I’m going after the life I want NOW, even if I’m wrong, even if I lose everything, even if I learn later, it was not the wisest decision.


I refused to wait for life to pass by and then take my last breath wishing I had the courage to do the things I wanted to do.  I’d rather slide into home base at the end of my life with skinned up knees, bruised and beaten up, then to arrive all put together wishing I had done it differently.


moving to hawaii no regrets

Maybe you aren’t moving to Hawaii or any other place in the world but are you searching for something MORE?

Are you looking for a way to live YOUR life the way YOU want?

Are you done living by someone elses standards and aren’t sure exactly how to change things?

I’ve got great news – If I (a retired cop from Las Vegas) can do it, so can you.

I just took a chance on me, was willing to be open minded, and took a leap of faith and when I saw a blog post just like this one, I clicked the link and/or the banner (like the one below) and I learned more.

I was willing to venture into unknown territory to find out how to get what I wanted and today, I am living in Paradise (Kauai) because I want to and because I CAN!

Will I see YOU on the other side?   sure hope so


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15 thoughts on “Day 2: Taking Care of Business – Realities of Moving To Hawaii”

  1. It’s so wonderful to see people achieving their dreams and goals. So happy for you. It is possible, for everyone! You did it, I’m doing it…….anyone reading this post can do it!
    Time passes quicker than we expect……NO REGRETS at the end…..that is the goal.
    Skinned knees and battered and bruised it shall be!

    1. Amen and amen !! Life can be short, no time to take chances and miss out on anything !!! thanks much!

  2. Thanks for sharing as you keep posting its helping to push me forward, and keep stepping out in faith that I WILL do this, and that it IS posssible for me as I’ve seen you do it, so I know its real. Thank so much again Regina.

    1. Awesome Dan….glad I can be of assistance in some way. 🙂 You have to come visit in Kauai, that will motivate ya too…

    1. Not sure Jana. I do know my daughter is seeing how to go after the life she wants and how to do it living a life of freedom. 🙂

  3. Great story and inspirational. A Part of me wants to move to a tropical beach. The other part can’t bear the thought of being away from my daughter as she grows into a productive adult. Thanks for the share. Will tweet for you.

    1. Yes..I know what you mean Stephanie. My son just got married and the possibility of grand babies is great but decided to take advantage of the chance to do it now! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you Valentino, appreciate your support and feedback. Believing someone can find some value from what I share about. 🙂

  4. i understand how you feel with just laying at the beach. i was the same when i went to hawaii. i had to do certain things when i really just wanted to enjoy the island

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