Day 3: Moving to Hawaii – Chased the Sun

Have you ever just Chased the Sun?

and I mean, realized it was setting and ran off to find the best place to watch it

Here in Hawaii, there are INCREDIBLE sunrises and sunsets.

On Day 3 of Moving to Hawaii, we chased the sun

Decided to enjoy the day today doing “regular” life type stuff.  At least as regular as one can be in a temporary home rented for a month in a brand new town.

Regular type stuff like:
~ did laundry
~ cleaned house
~ explored the area while walking the dog
~ walked down to a nearby long term rental to check it out
~ decided last minute to chase the sun and watch the sunset
~ packed up some PB&J and water
~ found Salt Pond Beach (googled nearby places to watch sunset)
~ played on the beach while waiting
~ discovered dog already has a favorite potty path and wants to chase chickens
~ Ready for bed at 10pm

more laid back kind of day and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 3 was about getting the feeling of home life, even though it was all brand new.

Never on a walk, bike ride, etc in Las Vegas did I ever encounter a plant like this one

moving to hawaii tropical flower


Chasing the sun to Salt Pond Beach

I have to admit, I enjoyed the entire day but ending up at Salt Pond Beach to watch the sun set was magical.  I believe it was actually the first day we got near the ocean and sand, AND, not only did we see an incredible sunset set on one side, there was a rainbow on the other.

Something very peaceful and calming about the see for me.

Check out this short, impromptu video I shot while there. Realized my lapel mic was with my bike gear and hope you can hear me ok with the ocean waves in the background.

Amazing how just a short period of time out there really lifted my soul.

We didn’t know anyone there
We didn’t go with anyone out there
I googled best places near by to watch the sunset and we took off.

Took us 12 minutes to get there and as you can see, only a few others on the beach doing the same thing (as well as swimming, pictures, etc)

Have you ever had a time when you just wanted to be near the ocean, or down at the beach, and you couldn’t because it was either a long drive, or even airplane ride?

I lived in Las Vegas prior to moving to Hawaii so a beach trip meant at least 4 hours by car unless I could get myself into one of the pools of the large hotel that had a beach atmosphere.

I hear Lake Las Vegas has at least one hotel/resort with an awesome beach.


NOTHING like being actually at a real beach taking it all in. For me, Kauai is as good as it gets.

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8 thoughts on “Day 3: Moving to Hawaii – Chased the Sun”

  1. I loved this post as it shows that life is still live and that even in paradise you still have to live, but its in a place that speaks to your soul and give you so much peace that you probably don’t think life will ever be the same again. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Irene…yes, and believe it or not, these are just things growing along the road that we see on our walks. Amazing

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