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Haole Girl ~

As people find out I’m moving to Kauai, I hear all kinds of interesting things and one of them has been the term “Haole.”

Just last week, I was informed I would be considered a Haole girl when I move to Kauai in June.

I really hadn’t thought about it much

Today, while enjoying some articles on TheGardenIsland.com, I saw an article that caught my eye.

Haole Girl Makes Her Mark

I was very intrigued to see what this was about and the following is what I discovered:

pineapple croissants


Maybe it was this picture of Maui Gold Pineapple Ham Cheese croissants by Haole Girl Island Sweets that really caught my eye instead of the words “Haole Girl”

Either way, I enjoyed my visit

So What Exactly Does “Haole” Mean?

I’ve heard what the term means but decided to do some research and here is what I’ve found.

Haole – Wikipedia

 Haole (/ˈhl/; Hawaiian [ˈhɔule]) is a term used in the U.S. state of Hawaii to refer to individuals of European ancestry, in contrast to those of native Hawaiian ancestry.

In the Hawaiian language, the term has been used historically and currently to refer to any foreigner or anything else introduced to the Hawaiian islands of foreign origin[1]

The origins of the word predate the 1778 arrival of Captain James Cook, as recorded in several chants stemming from antiquity. Its use historically has ranged from descriptive to race invective. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haole)

Haole originally meant, according to trusted Kanaka Maoli scholars, someone (or some animal or object) of foreign origin. Over time, the word has inaccurately evolved and is incorrectly used as reference, often times derogatory, to someone who is (or looks) Caucasian/white or is not local/from Hawaii. (SOURCE)

No matter how it is intended, I won’t take it personally if and when I’m referred to as a Haole girl.  I’m just excited and grateful to be able to live in Kauai, serve the community in some way, and learn about Hawaiian culture and tradition.

So who is behind this Haole Girl Island Sweets?

haole girl island sweets

Judy Capertina left “the corporate world” as the executive pastry chef at the St. Regis Princeville Resort and went out on her own.

She uses locally-produced material such as Kilauea goat cheese and Maui Gold pineapple.

For now, the best way to reach Capertina is at facebook.com/haolegirlsweets. (SOURCE)

Capertina graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, N.Y., and reopened the Princeville Resort after Hurricane Iniki.

In 2004, she was the featured pastry chef at the James Beard Awards. In 2000, she was the executive pastry chef at the annual Cannes International Film Festival in France. She continues to attend every year, but as a chocolatier, which is her specialty. Last September, Capertina returned to Kauai after working with esteemed chefs such as Leanne Kamekona and Tyler Florence.

“My croissants are made with lots of butter and hand-rolled,” explains Capertina, whose tiny frame is surprising for someone who makes food with boatloads of butter. “I roll 64-pounds of dough twice a week and I love it because I don’t need to go to a gym!”

Capertina makes her pastry dough with flour, yeast, honey from Kapahi and Hawaiian sea salt. She layers butter between the dough, which is called “locking,” before she folds it in three, like a letter going into an envelope. After rolling it out, she lets it rest for 20 minutes, repeats the process two more times and lets the dough “set” overnight. Each croissant has about 150 layers. (SOURCE)

 What else does Haole Girl Island Sweets Make?

I have not yet had the honor of trying any of the products made by Haole Girl Island Sweets but I can assure you, when I move in June I will find her.  Until then, I was curious what else she made after reading about her tasty croissants. (I’m French so croissants are definitely something I can appreciate)

I visited Facebook.com/haolegirlsweets, gave her page a like, and began my search.  I found this :

haole girl island sweets menu

NOTE: This menu was posted in 2014 so it’s possible prices have changed a little but WOW, how incredibly affordable for such tasty treats.

I can tell already, I’m going to be VERY happy with my huge sweet tooth when living in Kauai.  Good thing there is plenty to do to stay active to burn all the calories away. 

 Why Does This Haole Girl Care to Share About Haole Girl Island Sweets?

I really liked where Judy shared how she wanted to bring something unique to Kauai so she started making croissants.  I get that.  Most people probably don’t think Kauai and croissants but Judy has found a way to incorporate the local ingredients (pineapple, cheese, herbs, etc) into something just about everybody enjoys. 

How Cool is that!! 

I’m moving to Kauai in June and will be discovering how I fit in there.  I have no family, no close friends (YET), and I’m wanting to find a way to be of value to a community I’m moving to. 

In my move to Kauai, I too, want to bring something unique.  I really want to find a way to help others grow their business so I’ve been finding ways to blog about the business of others and be of value, even if its just in sharing what another awesome person is doing. 

While I research, I stay connected to the island I LOVE even before I officially live there.  I also find out what awesome things are happening in the community and get even more excited about my move. 

After all, a blog is an excellent way to share information, to answer questions for people searching for specific things, and to showcase remarkable things going on in our awesome world.

Will you do me a favor?

I would be super duper grateful if YOU took just a moment to head on over to Facebook.com/HaoleGirlSweets and give Judy’s page a LIKE and take a look around her page.  If you are like me, you’ll be wondering where you can go NOW to get something sweet to eat after seeing what she makes. 

Once I’m in Kauai, I promise to indulge on your behalf and share my experience with you (blog post or video) 🙂


There are a LOT of awesome people and awesome things happening in our world today and other people want to hear about it.  

Just as I have shared here about a person, a business, a tasty sweet I haven’t even enjoyed yet,…what could YOU be sharing with the world?

What skill, trade, product, knowledge, or talent do you have, love, know about, or admire that you could easily spend hours talking/writing about? 

Leave me a comment below and share what YOURS would be? What would you share with the world if you could?


If you know someone that is visiting Kauai soon that would be interested in this information, be sure to share it with them. You KNOW they will Thank you for this insight on some very tasty treats! 

I would love to hear your experience if you’ve been to Kauai before and especially if you have had the honor of tasting something made by Haole Girl Island Sweets… leave a comment 

Special Invitation:  if you are reading this and you are a business owner or provider of a service in Kauai and would like to be featured on this blog, Contact Me today!


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haole girl island sweets


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16 thoughts on “Haole Girl Island Sweets in Kauai”

  1. Wow Regina, I give you a lot of credit for getting up and moving to Hawaii. I have always wanted to visit there. Thanks for your awesome post and I will go and check out Judy’s page. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story…

  2. Hi Regina! Those are great prices over there actually! And yeap, do not feel bad if they call you haole girl, just take it in a good way. Thank you for sharing it! Take care!

  3. Hi Regina,…welcome back, didn’t see you for a while…I will always resonate with just hearing anything about Hawaii…I only visited the Big Island for 2 weeks in 2009 and that was the place for my spiritual awakening…
    Hawaii has amazing energies…Lemurian energies…..
    You can safely say that you will now finally start living a meaningful life…just my thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Many Blessings.

    1. Thanks Dragos…YES>.I so resonate with that. It’s as if life isn’t full until I get there! Never could explain it. Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Oh YES Tara…you MUST!! Im about to find out where she is so I can another one. Chocolate this time. YUMMY

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