How To Find A Place To Live When Moving To Hawaii: 6 Helpful Links

Are You Moving To Hawaii Soon and Wonder How To Find A Place To Live?

I just recently made a move to Hawaii and have enjoyed the challenge of finding a place to rent in Kauai.

I decided to share what I’ve learned along the way in hopes of helping others who are moving to Hawaii find their future home


    In Vegas, Craigslist is Not typically the first choice to finding a home and it’s not always safe.

    One thing I learned quickly is that Craigslist is relied upon heavily here in Hawaii (Kauai) by listing agents to list the rentals they manage.

    A few property managers I talked to actually told me to watch Craigslist for their current rentals.

    This took a bit of getting used to for me, but I did, and have managed to find a few great places.

    I also noted any property management company info (website), etc from listings I saw and bookmarked their sites. I’ll share a few of those below.

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  2. VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

    VRBO is a vacation rental site and it is how I found a place to stay when arriving in Kauai. I really wanted to have a long term rental lined up when I arrived, but it just wasn’t practical.

    If you don’t have someone on the island who can go and physically view rentals for you, this might be a great temporary alternative for you as well.

    I simply searched and communicated with a couple of rentals in the areas I wanted to be in, found one that was pet friendly, and managed to find a nice one in Kalaheo that had a month of time available.

    Be prepared to pay a little more for a vacation rental.

    They can be costly (more than you’ll pay in rent sometimes)

    However, it is a great way to get here, get your feet on the ground and start your search.

    Side note: You can feel safe knowing you are protected in your purchase through VRBO. They even have cheap insurance you can buy to protect in case rental is NOT as advertised and in case of damage.

    In my situation, I have a large dog, 1 cat and a 12 year old that can do more damage accidentally than both pets combined.

    Being able to have insurance to off set costs was well worth it to me.

    Click Here to Learn More About VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner)

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  3. Trulia

    Trulia has been GREAT.

    Not only can you search homes to rent, you can also search for homes to buy if you are in the market to buy.

    Personally, unless you know the island well, I would rent first, know for sure where you want to live, and then buy. (that’s my plan)

    Trulia lets you search by areas like Kapaa, Koloa, Poipu, Lihue, etc. You can then set up alerts that show up by email anytime a new home/property is added in the area you are searching.

    This saves a lot of time in searching. You simply monitor your email and when you see an alert for your area you check it out.

    I’ve also used this to sort of verify a craigslist listing is legit. Many times the house I see on Trulia is also listed on Craigslist and vice versa.

    Trulia also educates on how to stay safe when renting a home, especially if you are trying to do it and haven’t landed on the island yet.

    Again, I understood wanting to have a place to get to, but highly recommend something temporary unless you know someone living where you want to go, have someone that can verify and view the rental, etc.

    Click Here to Learn More About Trulia

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  4. Kauai Rental Listings

    As you can see, this one is very specific but I imagine you can find something similar for the island you plan to move to in Hawaii.

    To be honest, I did not have much luck with this site but it’s an option. There were a few listings on occasion but they were either too small, or they didn’t allow pets.

    Wanted to offer another alternative you can keep an eye on.

    Click Here to Learn More About Kauai Rental Listings

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  5. Sandwich Isles

    I did NOT use this website but thought I’d list it for those of you looking to live on another island in Hawaii and not Kauai.

    It appears to be a GREAT site if you want to live on Oahu.

    Again, never used it, but from just looking at it, does provide a bunch of great places.

    Click Here to Learn More About Sandwich Isles

  6. The Hawaii Island Newspaper (The Garden Island)

    I’ll end with this 6th item: The public newspaper online.

    I chose to move to Hawaii and live in Kauai so naturally, I went looking for the local newspaper for Kauai. Since I wasn’t yet living here, I found the online version and received email updates daily.

    Every so often, I’d go to the classified section and find a listing there.

    Be careful: I did find a GORGEOUS house in Kalaheo through this listing but when I made contact with the guy, he wanted money right up front, never expecting me to see it, got upset when I refused to send money without some kind of written document or lease agreement.

    The local paper is a great way to find a rental as well as stay up to date on what is going on in the area you want to live.

    I didn’t have much success here, for some reason, not very many choose to list in the classifieds of the paper.

    Most of the rentals I found to look at were in Craigslist.

    Click Here to Learn More About The Hawaii Island Newspaper (The Garden Island)

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I sure hope you have gotten some value out of the list of places to search when looking for a place to live when moving to Hawaii.

I imagine, you could use this list and tweak it a bit for anywhere you want to live in the world.

Craigslist and VRBO are probably all over the world.

I also hope you can get a sense of the value that can be given to others by simply sharing your experiences in life.

I am NOT an expert in renting home, or a real estate guru, I am merely a lady that made a decision to live in Hawaii and has gone through the experience of searching for a place to live.

At the time of this writing, I’m waiting to hear if my application has been accepted for a place I have my heart set on.

It has been quite a journey and quite a learning experience in coming to know how to find housing.

An added wrench in the works is the fact I have two pets.

If you are planning to move to Hawaii and find a place to live, it might be a way different (easier) journey if you are coming with no pets.

I could NOT bear the thought of living my fur babies behind.

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20 thoughts on “How To Find A Place To Live When Moving To Hawaii: 6 Helpful Links”

  1. A lot of people would love to move to Hawaii. Thanks to your blog along with your first hand experience, now people can have a step by step action plan for a successful move. Thank you for all the nuggets Regina!

  2. Thanks for this awesome information as it gave me a heads up of what I may go through in wanting to move to Australia and what challenges may be waiting for me there. So once again I’m learning from you.

  3. Thanks for the great information on Hawaii, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. I got married on the island of Oahu, it was magical. All the best with your move Regina!

    1. oh NICE>…I’ve been to Oahu, loved it too, but Kauai just had a special magic for me! Thanks so much and hopefully, you ge to visit again and relive that wonderful moment in time. 🙂

  4. Great share. Another great place to rent houses and apartments is While in Chicago a Taxi driver told me about it and it can be used to rent directly from people who have vacation homes for example. I will pin this post for my upcoming Latin America 3 months tour..!

    1. oh YES>…very cool I had heard about that too. Heard some great stories about Airbnb. Thanks for reminding me Juan.

  5. A lot of great information Regina. I have used Craigs list before but I would not imagine it would be could to find a rental and of all places in Hawaii. Glad things are working out for you.

  6. these are great sites to look for places. there are too many websites that scam too many people. one thing is for sure, be wary of people who want you to wire money, those people are usually just taking your money and running

    1. Exactly Sheena…crazy what people will do. I did find a guy advertising a gorgeous house wanting me to send him $4k without as much as a rental agreement….needless to say, I moved on and got away from that fast.

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