How To Get Powerful Backlinks To Your Site


Are you wondering why you should even care about backlinks?

You might be wondering what Backlinks are and why they even matter to your site.

Basically a back link is a link from another site back to your own – hence the term “back link”. The search engines count the number, importance and relevance of back links to assess the quality of site in providing the information for which a searcher is looking. Although a significant number of back links is important, Google and other search engines also place more weight on links from what it considers to be important sites. (Source)

Why are Backlinks important?

Search engine Google consider the contents of the site to determine the quality of a link. Incoming links that we have derived from other sites with similar content or communicate with our site signifies your quality incoming links. When incoming links from sites that do not correspond at all with the site we then consider the relevance of search engines. The greater the relevance of incoming links, the greater quality in the eyes of search engine Google. For example, if there is a site with a theme of Blog Tutorial receive a backlink from a site with a theme Tips and Tricks Blogging the relationship quality and relevancy of the site are considered more relevant. But when the site is receiving incoming links from sites with themes Indonesian Cuisine Recipes or Technology Handphone uncertain relationship they’re not relevant backlink. The more relevant sites that provide backlinks to our sites, the quality of the backlink.(Source)

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