Life is about change – change we like, and change we…

Life is about change – change we like, and change we don’t like

“Life flows within and around us, connecting us with all of nature

Life is the creative force of the Divine

Life flows, swiftly bringing change and growth.

When we align with life, we choose to align with all of life, not just the parts we like or are comfortable with – and not just when everything goes our way.

Aligning with life means truly knowing and accepting that aging, death, sickness, natural disasters, accidents, humans and their wacky ways – all of these things are bound to alter our course.

Aligning with life means understanding that you cannot control the cycles of nature.” ~ Warrior Goddess Training

as I learned of another friends loss of a parent today, I couldn’t help but think about the truth of this…

Personally, the most life altering occasions in my life have been the transitions of each of my parents and the change that brought.

In accepting and aligning with life during each of their passings, I can look back now and see the transformations in me.

As I have come to understand the flow of life and I quit resisting it, I find more peace and comfort in what is.

Prayers for much peace and comfort to those going through the cycles of life and nature.


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