Love and Respect : How To Have Everything You Want

How to find Love and Respect

When looking for more love and respect in your life? We must become the source of our own happiness

Sadly, a lot of people do not understand how important this is.  I know it took me awhile to get it and I still often forget. 

I don’t believe this is a message just for single people, I believe even married couples must understand that their happiness is their responsiblity. 

We simple can’t depend on anyone external to us for happiness and joy

It all starts with us!


~ Start taking 100% responsiblity for your internal condition

~ Start loving youself 100% 

~ Love yourself when no one else will….

There are no Good or Bad People…there is only resonance!

If someone stops giving you love and respect…it has nothing to do with you
it has everything to do with them.

This was huge for me when I heard that.  I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking “what’s wrong with me” when someone behaves in a certain way.  I found peace in understanding that as I change and grow, I resonately differently and like attracts like. The rest fades away.  

Once you work on your own internal condition and you love yourself 100%, you change your own vibrational frequency….

As a result, everything around you aligns with that frequency and sometimes that means that space opens up for new people and new relationships. 

To get more love and respect in your life….….begin living from the inside out.

Love and Respect is an inside job

It is not the job of anyone else to make you feel a certain way

By loving ourselves, we create our own gravitational pull…and it happens the moment you do things like going into nature and not worrying if people love you or not.

It’s never about what people are doing to you….it’s about what you are feeling
about yourself….

Once you say “I am worthy, I am deserving“…what you seek comes…..without you ever having to say it.

Most people do not feel worthy or deserving and they chase what they seek but the secret of nature is the path of least resistance. 

We must let go of what no longer serves us and know that the perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception of others. 

In order to achieve love and respect there must be self love. 

Become your own best friend – love yourself 100% 

The greatest enemy and friend lies within us…the greatest relationship we can have is with ourselves. 

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