LOVE what you do… do GREAT work

Do you know how to tell if you are doing what you LOVE?


You look up and see the time and two hours have passed and it only felt like 5 minutes. 

When you LOVE what you do ….it’s hard to call it work

Personally, I love when I get so involved in my work I hardly notice what’s going on around me. Or I enjoy it so much , that getting up to use the bathroom irritates me. lol 

If it wasn’t for the fact I have animals to care for and my daughter, Im sure there would be days when I wouldn’t even shower or eat because I get so wrapped up in the things I am doing. 

Fortunately, I have these responsibilities so I take breaks, eat well, and get away from my computer. 

Are you doing that one thing you LOVE? 

What would your life be like if your “work” was doing something you really LOVED doing? 

Why is it that the majority of people are willing to get up and go to a job they dread, to work with people they don’t like, to do something that does NOT inspire them,….

and they call that Living? 

No thanks…

I’d rather have my life back. 

How about you?  

If you answered yes to that….Come get your life back!



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