Mothers day is bittersweet for me….

Mothers day is bittersweet for me….

joy (of being with my children) mixed with sadness (of missing my mom)

Thoughts on Mother’s Day:

“Your sadness doesn’t make you less of a human being.

It makes you

~ more expansive
~ more connected
~ painfully beautiful
~ completely alive!

Allow life to touch you and when life touches you, meet it with softness.

Live in the truth that there is nothing to defend
Live in the truth that vulnerability is power
Live in the truth that your sadness makes you human”
~ Panache Desai

It occurred to me when reading this passage in a book, that I may have truly come alive in the passing of my mother.

At no other time in my life has my sadness been so deep.

and in accepting and allowing these feelings with no need to defend, no need to keep myself in check, no need to push these feelings down deep…

I have come alive… more connected, more raw, more open, completely alive!

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