Moving to Hawaii: Does Anyone Care About The Flowers?

Do you ever wonder if people care? 

Ever since I moved to Hawaii (Kauai to be exact) in June 2015, I have found myself taking pictures of flowers. 

First, they are beautiful here
Second, they are everywhere here 

and most important, I LOVE them! 

I’ve often asked myself – does anyone else care as much about these flowers?

Turns out, they do

I like to find flowers on my walks, on my visits to places I see, and I share them on Instagram and Facebook
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Why Flowers? 

Well for me, there is something alive about flowers as well as something fragile – they don’t live forever which makes them precious to me. 

Hawaiian flowers

In the post on Instagram where I put this image, I shared how a beat up flower, tattered       from the wind is still beautiful and colorful. 

A lot like people right. 

We can be torn, beat up, tired yet still be colorful and beautiful at the same time. 

I’ve seen some of the most interesting and beautiful flowers along the side of the road and are literally weeds.

I suppose coming from the desert of Las Vegas, anything alive and more colorful than dirt color, gets my attention. 

Even just about 8 months into living here in Kauai, I’m still the lady walking her dog and taking pictures of flowers, snails, trees, sunrise, etc. 

My daughter tells me I look like a tourist but I don’t care, I capture the moment. 

Do people really care? 

I like to say “YES”

I have friends on Facebook that tell me they look forward to my #floweroftheday

I suppose for many, seeing sunshine, green, live beautiful flowers is welcome when your living in an area covered by snow in February. 

Perhaps, like I was used to when living in Las Vegas, you just don’t see this kind of stuff growing everywhere. 

The flower in this picture happens to be on an elementary school property across the street from my house. 

So what does this blog post have to do with anything else? 

I’m hoping that by reading a blog post I’ve created about moving to Hawaii and loving the flowers, you can see the potential for creating an audience of people who want to see what YOU are passionate about. 

If I can build an Instagram following and keep friends engaging on my Facebook page because I post flowers or snails, or a Sunrise, what could YOU share about YOUR life? 

I’d love to hear about some things you would love to talk about and share about that are going on in your life.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what those might be. 

If I can help you in any way building your passion, building your business, or just plain LOVING life more, let me know. 

To Your Success, 

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