Moving To Hawaii: How To Connect and/or Make New Friends

When moving to Hawaii, a place where we knew no one, I needed to figure out how to connect. 

One of the things we wanted to do when moving to Hawaii (Kauai to be exact), was to continue our church worship. We attended The Champion Center of Las Vegas back home, and wanted to find a new church home in Kauai.

In my opinion, Hawaii is a very spiritual place and there are many different churches here, but what does it take to find a church home when moving to Hawaii.

What does it take to find a church home

I could probably end this blog post right here with
Tip # 1 . Shop (look) around

On previous visits, (vacation) we made it a point to look around and try different churches in the area.

Yes..I’ll admit, we church shopped

I for one, am particular about the worship music. Having been a keyboard player in my church Worship Team, I am looking for a particular feel as a musician.

How we went about finding a church in Hawaii

On our trip in December 2014, my daughter and I finally found a church we really liked. We almost felt as if we were home in Vegas during the worship part of the service.

This was NOT the first church we visited. 

On our previous Christmas vacation  December 2013, we visit 2 other churches in our effort to see where we fit in. 

We attended a Christmas Eve service a church was hosting at a resort near by, and then we wandered into the Sunday service of another church close to where we were staying. 

The first Christmas Eve service we found by signs posted along the highway

The second church I searched for on Google. 

Tip #2  – Do Your Research – 

Once I found a location of a church nearby I started going to websites and learning more about the church.  In my opinion, it’s important to know the doctrine and values of the church (and even the language) before showing up for Sunday service. 

In Hawaii, there are some churches that hold service in Hawaiian.  I know they would be AWESome services, but I’d be very challenging in understanding what is being said. 

I also wanted to be sure we stayed close to the beliefs and doctrine of our own church (not hard to do as long as what is taught is Biblically based)

 Ironically, I’ve always enjoyed being 2 miles away from church and not having far to drive, but we didn’t mind driving 20-30 minutes to Kauai Christian Fellowship in Koloa.

I’m sharing these tips with you the reader in hopes of helping you know how to find a church home, church family or ways to connect with new friends when moving to the islands.

We moved to Hawaii knowing NO one, so it was important to me to find a place right away to belong.

Especially for my young teenage daughter, having a place to belong, making new friends, was important.

Fortunately, in today’s world, you can find just about anything you are searching for online. I simply googled “Kauai Churches” and started reading up on them at their websites.

The important lesson here is, get out of your comfort zone.

Walking into a church of people who know each other but don’t know you is difficult and the same goes for meeting a new group of people.

Be willing to stand out, be uncomfortable, and in some cases, not even be spoken to.

We’ve gone to churches where people kissed, hugged and welcomed us, to church where no one even smiles at us.

What do I do if I’m NOT a church person and want to connect and make new friends?

As I’m writing this post, I realize not everyone is a church type person. What do you do then? 

Although I am affiliated with a church, I found other ways to connect. 

The MAIN POINT is to find a way to connect with others, in area of interest to you.  I also found ways to meet new people on and searching for hiking groups.  This allows me to meet up with others sharing same interests and developing friendships with others on the island as well as visitors. 

Also, when moving to Hawaii, get to know the island and benefit from the experience of others that have lived here longer. 

I also found groups on Facebook based in or around Kauai. This allowed me to stay up to date and learn of activities happening in my area. 


What are your experiences with this subject? Have you ever moved to a new place and went looking for a church or ways to make new friends and wish you had insider knowledge?

What other passions, experiences, and knowledge could you share with others about to experience what you did?

I moved to Hawaii. I then decided to share my experiences and ALL the new things I’m learning with others.

Certainly, I am not the First, nor the last person who will move to Hawaii and I hope that others following in my footsteps will have an easier time with things because of what I share. 

What would you share if you knew how? 

What ways can you think of now to share your passions, experiences, or knowledge?  Leave  a comment below and let my readers know. 


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