Moving to Hawaii : Is Honey Healthy and Better in Kauai and How Do You Find It?

Do you love Honey as much as I do?

I’ve been on a health kick for a few years now and honestly, always looking for ways to improve my health and lifestyle.

In the first 6 months of 2015, I was following a great eating plan and initially, it did not include honey.

When I finally got to a point where I could incorporate honey back in, I only did so not only because I LOVE the taste, but all because of the health benefits.

Not All Honey Is Created Equal: Is Honey Healthy?

Like most things, honey is good in moderation and I also believe there are better versions and quality of honey too.

I for one am an advocate of Local Raw Honey. (Local being where ever you live)

I  Head For Honey When Allergies Kick Up

I am not a doctor, I am NOT an expert in health, diet and nutrition, but I do understand the benefits of eating a honey that is local made in your area.  Here’s why:

As with most things out there, this is a topic of huge discussion.  I choose to believe that local bees gather pollen from local flowers meaning they collect local pollen.  If some specific kind of item in the local area is bothering me, the existence of it in the honey helps my immune system build up tolerance to that particular pollen.

Living in Las Vegas, I would specifically shop for Las Vegas made honey.  Sure, bees travel but the thinking is….they travel from flower to flower mostly in the local area close to their own hive and hopefully, that’s somewhere near where I live.

Now, this worked for ME, it may not work for everyone.

Here is a snippet giving you an idea of what the theory on this is and why I choose to believe that honey is healthy.

Theory behind Using Honey to Treat Pollen Allergies

The theory starts with the assumption that the pollen that causes a person’s allergies is found in the local geographical area where a person spends time. The pollen comes from the reproductive activity of flowers, grasses, trees, shrubs, and vines.

The second assumption is that local honeybees are collecting all the pollen types in the local environment and bringing them into the beehive.

The third assumption is that small amounts of all local pollen types will end up being incorporated into the honey that is made in the beehive.

The fourth assumption is that a positive immuno-therapeutic response will occur when a person eats a daily dose of honey over a number of months. The agent that is believed to bring about the reduction in allergy symptoms is the small amount of local pollen that is found in local honey. This response is said to parallel a vaccine response.

If a tiny amount of an allergen is introduced into the body through consuming honey, then the person’s immune system will be stimulated to respond appropriately to the problematic pollen type. Over time, it is believed that the immune system will become strong enough to handle the same pollen when a person encounters larger amounts of the pollen in the environment.

When this happens successfully, a person will not have a severe allergic reaction, but will be able to expel the pollen from his or her body without a noticeable allergic reaction.

The key to the entire theory is that honey must be produced by bees from your own neighborhood or as close to where you live as possible (SOURCE)

Why Bother with Locally Made Raw Honey vs Processed Store Brand Honey?

Processing of Honey

When honey is removed from the hive, it needs to be filtered to remove parts of bee bodies and pieces of wax.  If a coarse filter is used with minimal heating, then the honey will contain all of the pollen that was present in the original honey.

The majority of commercial honey, however, does not use this processing method. Instead, very fine filters are used along with heat to create a totally clear honey with long shelf life. This ultra-filtered honey does not contain any pollen. Sometimes ultra-filtering is used to hide the country of origin for the honey (China) and sometimes it is just done to produce a product that resists crystallization and that has more visual appeal. A 2011 test of grocery store honey found that 76% had all the pollen removed, and 100% of drug store honey was completely devoid of pollen. [9] (SOURCE)

 So what does Honey have to do with Moving to Hawaii (Kauai )?

I eat a serving of Steel Cut Oats every morning with some Pecan Pieces and about a Tablespoon of Honey.  This routine has NOT changed even when moving to Hawaii.

Fortunately, the honey I had at home before I moved to Vegas was almost gone and I wasn’t going to pack a jar of it in my suitcase knowing that Las Vegas Local Raw Honey is NOT the same as Kauai Honey.

While out and about yesterday, I decided to head to an awesome Natural Store I know about here on the island called Papayas.  This store is Incredible!

papaya-s-natural-foods is honey healthy

I was specifically looking for Steel Cut Oats and Locally made honey and I found both!

I’m surrounded by honey, even while eating pizza!

Every Friday night in Hanapepe Town, there is an art night from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  This is very cool street festival type atmosphere with street vendors selling food, jewellery, massages, croissants, along with store owners sharing their tasty products.

One shop we’ve grown fond of is Midnight Bear Breads  where we enjoy freshly made pizza.


This past Friday while there, we were dining on our pizza out front when a gentleman walked up saying “I’m trying to sell my honey in this place”

What would your first thought have been?

I thought, he was trying to sell his honey (aka wife, sweety, girlfriend) on getting some dinner here.


Turns out, he was literally trying to sell his honey IN the place.  He is a local beekeeper and makes local honey!


I made a mental note to check out his honey in the store once we were done but we got sidetracked and walked away after talking to a wonderful couple visiting from San Francisco.

At the end of our evening, we end up back at Midnight Bear Breads because we know they have a couple of croissants, and other pastries we can take home and enjoy for breakfast.

There’s that honey again!

Very very tempted to buy some but I had just purchased a jar at Papayas that day

is honey healthy


 Is Honey Healthy?

I think so, and in my research for this blog post, I found a couple of local Kauai bee keepers that talk about how they collect and process their honey.

I for one choose to believe that anything we consume that is as close as possible to how nature intended it, can’t be a bad thing (again in moderation)

Moving to Hawaii I have found the Honey Pot at the end of the Kauai Rainbow

From what I’ve learned so far, I have my choice of locally made pure honey from bees living and doing their business right on the island I live on.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

In my respect to the island of Kauai and to show my Aloha to local business, service and products here,

I want to now take you on a short tour of some of the islands bee keepers and their products.

PLEASE, be sure to visit their websites, their facebook, their instagram and show them love and support by merely checking them out, give em a like, and if they offer it….buy some product.

If you are an extreme lover of Honey like me, and don’t mind enjoying locally made honey from Kauai, contact me and we can make arrangements to get you some if you can’t buy online from the business directly.

NOTE: Not listed in any particular order

1. McPhees Bees – and you can follow here on Instagram too!

is honey healthy mcphees bees


Manda McPhee loves her bees! Her intrigue and fascination with the little creatures has been growing over the last 10 years, when she caught her first glimpse inside a beehive. She enjoys beee-ing in nature with all her girls as they dance in the air and kiss the many different wild flowers in the forest.

Nurturing the bees is Manda’s top priority. Using only natural beekeeping practices she handles the bees with love & care as she extracts honey from her Kauai hives, located in several parts of the island. She hopes that you will enjoy the raw Kauai honey as much as she does.

 McPhee’s Bees Honey is packaged in glass… with LOVE!  Not only is glass much better for the taste and integrity of the honey, but it can easily be re-used or recycled.(SOURCE)

You can find McPhees products all over the island. View a list of retailers HERE

2. Oliver Shagnasty’s Honey Co. –

is honey safe shagnasty honey co

Shagnasty is a purist in the world of apiculture (beekeeping). He uses no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. When harvesting honey it’s just him, some simple non-mechanized equipment and the bees.  

Look for Shagnasty’s Kaua’i Natural Raw Honey in the these and other locations on Kaua’i: Java Kai Coffee, Papaya’s Natural Foods, Aloha Spice Co., Harvest Market, Island Soap & Candle, Divine Planet, Old School Coffee, Banana Joe’s, Little Fish Coffee or by emailing Shagnasty directly at or by visiting (SOURCE)

3. Honi Honi Honey –

honi honi honey


Bees are big business in agriculture, after all plants wouldn’t be pollinated without them. Chris Kauwe, bee whisperer and owner of Honi Honi Honey, collects tropical honey from the island’s south and west side and distills the sweet nectar for our morning toast, or drizzled over yogurt, or paired with creamy Kunana goat cheese. How ever you enjoy your honey, make sure it honi honi! (SOURCE)

There are several more sources of incredibly tasty honey here on the island of Kauai but I’m sure, the three I’ve listed above give you an idea.

So What’s the Point of This Blog Post?

I wrote this blog post because I set an intention to find local honey and I did.

I wrote this blog post to share with you the information I learned.  Even if you don’t live here, perhaps one day you want to come visit and you just LOVE honey on your food or in your drinks.

I wrote this blog post because I really want to showcase and support the local business and business people here.

I wrote this blog post because maybe, just maybe, you are wondering if Honey Is Healthy and you’ll see this post and get at least one new island girl’s perspective on why enjoying Local Raw Honey is a great healthy choice.

I wrote this blog post because I hope you can see that if I can talk about moving to Hawaii, answer the question is honey healthy, and share my experiences in meeting people and finding good stuff, You will see for yourself how YOU could do the same and share some passion of yours.

What would YOU write about if you had a blog like this one?
What business would you support if you had a blog like this one?
What amazing things could you share with the world if you had a blog like this one?


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18 thoughts on “Moving to Hawaii : Is Honey Healthy and Better in Kauai and How Do You Find It?”

  1. I heard about the advantages of local honey also and how it may help with allergies, not really tried that yet, but I do agree that it make sense and I know a few others that it has worked for also. Thanks for sharing such an important tip to help with health issues.

    1. You bet. If you ever suffer from them, might try it OR…go get yourself some “Las Vegas Mix”…health food stores cell it. It is a liquid that you can take as drops that helps build up immunity to what’s in the Vegas air.

      I tried allergy shots once and had a reaction going home where I thought I was going to die….gone natural route ever since.

  2. Wow, very interesting post Regina! I use Manuka honey which is from New Zealand and apparently has antibacterial properties. Honey is a great alternative to sugar. Thanks so much for the value you provide!

    1. Wow…very cool! I enjoy it as something sweet to put on stuff, and the allergy benefits are a huge bonus too.

  3. Regina, I believe that natural is better and when it comes to honey, it had lots of health benefits. I heard a story of a woman who got inspired to sell royal honey after using it herself to get healthy. Her success grew so much that she was to create a worldwide enterprise selling royal jelly. Great post. It is also very awesome that you are moving to Hawaii 😉 Keep on rocking!

    1. Thanks Juan, and yes…Im one of those that loves the things most closest to natural state of mother nature. I’ve heard of some of the remarkable benefits of royal jelly

  4. Wow, great.

    Many people don’t even know how much ingredients we find in honey if it’S not naturally processed.

    Thank you so much… and yes, I love honey too..


    1. Right?!!? I was kind of taken aback by the filtering when it mentioned “parts”…ick..but hey, natural I suppose. lol

  5. Awesome post on local honey, Regina…I didn’t know about the pollen (or lack thereof ) making that much of a difference in its effectiveness to fight allergies. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Wow I learned so much about honey that I didn’t even think about until now. There are so many ‘natural’ solutions to health problems like allergies plus all the added nutrition benefits like honey has to offer. Thanks for all of this ‘Nutrition’ information Regina.

  7. honey is hawaii is delicious. I remember going to this health bar in honolulu and the honey they had on the acai bowls was so addictive. it was like crack LOL

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