Moving to Hawaii: The Things You Might Miss Most

You are not in Kansas anymore! (or wherever you may be living before you move)

Ever have people remind you of all the things you are leaving behind when they find out you want to move to Hawaii.

Especially if you’ve chosen Kauai

I lived in Las Vegas – a 24 hour town- with LOTS to do.

Many people couldn’t imagine walking away from all the hustle and bustle to come to a small and quiet island.

~ No night clubs like Drai’s
~ No 24 hour buffet, gambling, movies
~ No HUGE super malls (on Kauai at least)

and I could go on.

Oddly, the things I discovered I miss most were not these things

and honestly, I was doing ok until I started watching more tv and suddenly found myself missing the strangest things


Yep…found myself missing Olive Garden. Funny, we didn’t eat there a whole lot but we had the option to if we wanted. (less than a mile from my house)

Now, that option does not exist unless I fly to Oahu I suppose

Yep….this one too

Very RARELY shopped at this store (again about 2 miles from my house) but for some reason, when I saw all the commercials over the holidays, started wishing I could walk into Target.

Another business I didn’t frequent that often but when I did, really enjoyed their hamburgers.  Then I switched to In n Out.

Great news here though, just got turned on to Bubba Burgers – Kauai Burger. OMG I’m addicted and I’m happy to report, there’s one very close to my house.


and lastly, some non food things we miss

Yep, enjoyed shopping here when I needed clothing items.

No worries ,there is a Macy’s here on the island of Kauai so I can still get the large department store feel when I need it.

So why do I share these places with you?

I share these to just help you have a reality check that when moving to Hawaii (especially Kauai where I live) you will likely be without many of your favorite things to eat, see and do.

Thankfully, there is PLENTY you can replace it with but be prepared for that reality to set in when you no longer have easy access to those things.

Honestly, simple easy drive up access to Walgreen’s is still something I miss as well as …

Wow…would this store do WELL here.  There are just some things I was willing to buy at this store and miss the affordability of buying there.

I’m still discovering all the things that Kauai has to offer and I’m okay with having to let go of all these well known places in my old life.

In my opinion, the price for going without these is well worth it when I can

~ live in paradise
~ head to the ocean daily
~ see incredible sunrises and sunsets while walking my dog
~ wear summer clothes in December
~ Key clothing item is my “slippah’s” (flip flops)
~ watch fireworks on the beach
~ see flowers on weeds that are gorgeous

Now, there are many other adjustments you will have to make if and when you move to Hawaii, but I’ll save those for another blog post. Things like cost of living, cost of food, cost of housing, etc.

For now, I believe you have an idea (and reality check) about what you might miss when living in Hawaii.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some additional things one might miss from “home.”  Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts and /or experience about this.


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