Moving To Hawaii : Tips On Finding the Utility Companies

Have you moved lately?

One of the normal things we must do when moving, is start service with various utilities.

This is a magnified issue when moving to Hawaii (at least it felt like it on Kauai)

I soon discovered that there is no welcome packet that tells you everything you need to know about getting everything going in Kauai (if there is, I sure missed it)

As with most cities, the utilities are NOT typically all together in any one location, but most are usually marked well.

How To Find the Utilities when moving to Hawaii (Kauai) 

When I finally got a rental secured, there was nothing given to me, or told to me about how to get the utilities turned on and in my name. 

I had to do some research on my own.

Thankfully, Google to the rescue. I simple googled “Kauai Utility Companies”  (insert your island in place of Kauai)

Once I found out what the names of the local utilities were, I was then off on an adventure to find them

Here are some things I discovered on my adventure of finding local utilities in Kauai

#1.  GPS is not always very accurate

Can’t tell you how many times I found myself on some residential road looking at a house and asking myself – where is the water,electric, cable company?

I finally downloaded a whole other app on my phone when maps was taking me to all kinds of crazy places.


#2. A Google search for the local utility companies doesn’t mean you’ll find them

Had to do a few Google searches and FINALLY found a list of utility companies all in one place. THIS was a God send.  The list even had links and phone #’s.

Navigating the website of some companies was a whole other matter.

Visited each utility I needed (Water, Electric, Cable, etc) and hoped that I could easily figure out where to click for new service.

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT always very obvious.

#3.  Determine what is needed at each utility – it isn’t all the same

In Kauai, cash or check is accepted as payment at the DMV, Schools, and all the utilities companies I went to.  You’ll likely have a deposit.

The Kauai Power Company took a $200 deposit on new service since I had never had power with them before.

Unless you carry a lot of cash with you, be sure to have your check book.

Most had forms you could fill out in advance, but I didn’t do one of the 7 Things To Do Before Moving to Hawaii – no printer.

I became good friends with the local UPS store and familiar with the Koloa Library as well just to be able to print things.

#4. Avoid disconnect and reconnect fees with perfect timing

I had the fortune of having met and communicated with the current renter of the house I was moving to.  Fortunately, I thought to ask him when I could have services started at the house and he told me Monday.

As I went around to all the utilities, turns out he was actually having things disconnected on Friday, and had I not gone in to start mine, I would have been charge a connecting fee.

Not sure how much I saved, but something tells me with 3 different utilities, was probably a couple of hundred dollars at least.

#5 Don’t freak out over possible costs

When I was preparing t Move to Hawaii (Kauai) I heard all kinds of horror stories about the cost of power, the cost of water and honestly, was a bit uncomfortable thinking the utilities were in my name for a house I still have 5 days to move into.  

I was told someone would be cleaning and allowed a lack mentality to get the best of me.

I worried they’d leave the lights on, I worried they’d waste water, blah blah blah

I’m happy to report that once I got my first electric bill, it was ok. Actually considerably cheaper than what I had been paying for my home in Las Vegas 

$200+ a month in Vegas (pool pump included) to about $100 a month in Kauai. 

Sc0re – Some savings already!  Granted, no air conditioner going all day just ceiling fans. 

Another cool thing, although Kauai had been experiencing a drought and I was renting a home with a yard I was to maintain, we started getting tons of rain so any water I was using was for washing dishes, clothes and showering. 

I’ve just planted a garden so I’ll keep you updated on how that affects my costs as well 

Just in case you happen to be moving to Hawaii and coming over to Kauai, here are the Utility companies I found and chose to use. 

~ Water :  Department of Water, County of Kauai –

~ Power: Kauai Island Utility Cooperative –

~ Cable: Oceanic Time Warner  (I use this company just for my internet) 

~ TV – Directv  (Oceanic Time Warner does cable, but for the best picture and reception, I chose to stay with Directv and have a Satellite dish)  NOTE: This is going to depend on where you live and if your landlord allows you to have a dish installed

****just KNOW, the satellite dishes here aren’t the small ones you know back home.  The monster in my yard is big enough I could be signaling other galaxies lol***

moving to hawaii and find the utility companies

~ Phone (Landline) – Hawaiian Tel-com –  (you do have a couple of options here and you can shop

around for price and bundles.  I chose this company because they are known to still have service (Underground cables) should the power go out on the island))  ** NOTE: keep that old non electric phone you might still have laying around to be able to call in case of emergency if the power goes out for any length of time 

~  Cell phone:  This is totally up to you.  I still have my Tmobile account and it seems to be doing ok.  I hear AT&T is a good one for the islands and I may switch if they give me as much service for the money as Tmobile. 


So there you have it! 

I hope I’ve provided some value and given you some things to think about, as well as made your journey of moving to Hawaii a little easier. 

Obviously, if you are moving to a different Hawaiian island, you may need to so a little Google research yourself in case things are a bit different on each island. 

If this post has been of any value to you, please leave me a comment below letting me know what you found most useful. I’d also love to know what I may have left out and what questions you still have about finding the utility companies. 

As you can see by my blog (take a look around at other posts), I’ve been simply sharing my experiences in Moving to Kauai and providing value to others by sharing what I found. 

What could you talk about and share with others from YOUR life, that would really be helpful to people searching for answers? 

The key to building ANY business, making money from home, etc is to be of value – some kind of value. 

This is not rocket science, if you can answer questions and/or solve problems in your niche, you create value based content, you get found by those searching for what you offer, you increase your business.  You CAN do this! 





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19 thoughts on “Moving To Hawaii : Tips On Finding the Utility Companies”

  1. Great post Regina! My uncle moved to Hawaii about 20 years ago. He’s on the big island. I wouldn’t have though of utilities being a problem but I guess island life has a few draw backs. I’m sure the positives out way the negatives. Good luck to you and your family.

    1. Thanks Charles. And nothing earth shattering for sure, just my experience and observation and kind of comical when I look back at it. 🙂

  2. Regina this is an awesome post. I am actually looking to purchase a vacation home in Kauai. I am thinking closer to the Lihue and Kapaa area. Again thanks for the post and it was very informative.

    1. Thanks Greg, and YES….Kapaa was my first choice or even Wailua but we ended up in Koloa (South side) which has been great. Eventually, I’d like to work my way more East. 🙂

  3. Wauw your research will help save me a lot of time when I decide to move to Hawaii. Whenever you move to somewhere new there is always a period of adjustment and I am sure your blog post takes some of this pressure off. Thanks for sharing Regina.

  4. Regina I so enjoyed reading this post. I found myself laughing to myself but I am sure you were not laughing at the time. I am sure it was quite frustrating at times. I really got a kick out of your satellite dish that could pick up signals from far away galaxies, lol

    1. Actually, I was laughing to Irene. It was kind of comical and I had my 12 year old daughter with me thinking it was very funny.

  5. What wonderfully helpful information for anyone moving to Hawaii — or anywhere for that matter. We need utilities wherever we live. I had to laugh at your GPS experience. I used GPS in Puerto Rico — what a fiasco. I was looking up local entertainment that I knew was a few miles away — didn’t know exactly where. GPS had me going over to St Thomas — not sure how I was supposed to drive there! Enjoy your adventures Regina!

    1. lol….yes exactly Carol. To add to the challenge, appears not many businesses labeled with signs or even address #’s here in Kauai ( or I’m just not seeing them)

    1. lol…I know right, Elizabeth! Once I saw it, I understood why he told me it wasn’t going to work on the house I’m renting. lol

  6. Never thought about that Regina as we have only lived in California (6 years in Arizona, but they had the ‘utility sheet’! lol) So your post is going to be very helpful for people moving to Hawaii. Blogs are a great way to share valuable information like this!

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