Saturday Morning Power Breakfast: What Would You Do Different?

Saturday Morning Power Breakfast: What would you do different? 

Every Saturday Morning, I get together with a few of my friends and we discuss hot topics about building our business. 

Today, we talked about the things we would do different if we were getting started again today. 

The great thing about this, we have 5 different perspectives on the panel. 

Here are a few things we discussed today that you might find helpful: 

1. Personal Development Daily

2. Find the right mentor

3. Follow the system and training

4. Brand Yourself

5. Video Marketing 

These are just a few of the things we discussed on this short 30 minute power breakfast. 

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. 

Personal Development Daily


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This is generic personal development and mindset call. No companies, products, etc are mentioned here so it’s a safe place no matter what your business. 



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4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Power Breakfast: What Would You Do Different?”

  1. I really like this hangout and I have to say, that Julie’s comments were “real” and that’s been my struggle, thinking my personality is too quirky and wasn’t winning anyone over, but there will be those that do and those that don’t get me. It’s important to me to be authentic so it’s good to hear it from within our ranks. I also read and listen to other mentors in our business because I don’t have one in my immediate “line up” that resonates with me…

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