Moving To Hawaii: How To Connect and/or Make New Friends

When moving to Hawaii (Kauai to be exact), we wanted to continue our church worship. We attended The Champion Center of Las Vegas back home, and wanted to find a new church home.

In my opinion, Hawaii is a very spiritual place and there are many different churches here, but what does it take to find a church home when moving to Hawaii.

I could probably end this blog post right here with tip #1.
1. Shop (look) around

On previous visits, (vacation) we made it a point to look around and try different churches in the area.

I for one, am particular about the worship music. Having been a keyboard player in my church Worship Team, I am looking for a particular feel as a musician.

On our trip in December 2014, my daughter and I finally found a church we really liked. We almost felt as if we were home in Vegas during the worship part of the service.

Ironically, I’ve always enjoyed being 2 miles away from church and not having far to drive, but we didn’t mind driving 20-30 minutes to Kauai Christian Fellowship in Koloa.

I’m sharing these tips with you the reader in hopes of helping you know how to find a church home and church family when moving to the islands.

We moved here knowing NO one, so it was important to me to find a place right away to belong.

Especially for my young teenaged daughter, having a place to belong, making new friends, was important.

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Moving to Hawaii: How I Sold My Way To My Dream Life

Have you ever had to do something that made you really uncomfortable but you felt it was necessary?

When I made a decision to move to Kauai, I had to do a few things I wasn’t very uncomfortable with. I share what those are in this post.

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How To Stay Motivated During The Process (Motivation Videos)

As I’ve been doing what needs to be done to make a HUGE move to Kauai, I have often felt a sense of overwhelm and I’ve had to remember my motivation. What is it that has me doing what I’m doing in the first place.

I decided to search for some videos on Motivation and share them with you here today.

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