Moving To Hawaii : Tips On Finding the Utility Companies

Have you moved lately? One of the normal things we must do when moving, is start service with various utilities.…

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Day 1: The Realities of Moving to Hawaii

There are a lot of realities when moving to Hawaii that most do not know until you either research them, or learn about them first hand. I share a few of those here

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Moving to Hawaii: How I Sold My Way To My Dream Life

Have you ever had to do something that made you really uncomfortable but you felt it was necessary?

When I made a decision to move to Kauai, I had to do a few things I wasn’t very uncomfortable with. I share what those are in this post.

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How To Stay Motivated During The Process (Motivation Videos)

As I’ve been doing what needs to be done to make a HUGE move to Kauai, I have often felt a sense of overwhelm and I’ve had to remember my motivation. What is it that has me doing what I’m doing in the first place.

I decided to search for some videos on Motivation and share them with you here today.

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