The Brave may not live forever….

The Brave may not live forever….

As Im in Kauai this week, looking around and deciding where I want to live, a variety of thoughts have come up.

Talked to one guy that had never been here and moved here 13 years ago and has loved it ever since.

Even he said, it’s a chance you take….(moving here)

Moving to this beautiful island means letting go…letting go of a LOT of stuff, a lot of habits, memories, people, etc.

It also means a brand new start, a fresh new life (lifestyle), and walking into a lot of unknown.

I used to be that person that had to know how everything was going to work out, had to know the plan, had to know details.

I realized I’ve become the brave….that person willing to put it all on the line to follow my heart and follow that feeling of going where Im called, being where I feel alive, and walking straight into the unknown with a sense of awe, adventure, and wonder.

I used to be that person that wondered what others would think or say…
I’ve become the brave – it only matters what I think or say…

With 2015 right around the corner, will you be the “brave” or will you stay tucked away safely in what you know, what feels safe, where there is no risk, and take a chance you do not live at all?

As for me and my house, we aren’t willing to risk NOT living.

Yes, there will be challenges, Yes, there will be discomfort, Yes, it’s going to be different.

but the time is NOW….the Brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all!

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