What's The Scoop On Your Business?

Are you sharing the Scoop about your business with others as effectively as possible?


When I talk about the scoop here, I’m not talking about Ice Cream. Sure that would be great, but unless you are in the Ice Cream business, it won’t help you effectively market your business online.

The Scoop I’m talking about is when you share what’s going on in your business others using Social Media Marketing platforms to help you get the word out.  After all, the name of the game is more traffic.

One of the best ways on the internet today for you to share information about your business is through regular writing of articles and blogging. But you can’t stop there. It’s not enough to just write an article though, you must find an effective way to share that information with others and get them to share it too.

Check out my short video where I share a very easy marketing strategy that shows you how to share your business easily with others.

You Must Scoop It for Your Business

I hope by watching the short video you got a clear idea of how you can use this resource and talk about your business online using Social Media. Not only that, you can easily support others as well.

As you saw in the video, I had a delay in publishing to my topic so here is a picture of the end result after it finally finished publishing.  Seems Tumblir slowed things down a bit.


So Why Should You Bother With Scoop It?

If you are looking for more traffic to your website, then it’s simple: You might want to share the scoop about your business and or products.

Traffic on Scoop.it comes from three different types of sources: SEO, internal Scoop.it community and a most important part from social media. Consider Scoop.it as a hub that helps you feed your social media presence, but in a more impacting way, using a format that catches attention and that is great at driving SEO/SMO traffic.

While eventually, Scoop.it will let you reach beyond your social graph, getting your content out there is an important first step. Scoop.it makes it easy to cross-post to your favorite platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or even your blog on Tumblr or WordPress and several other platforms and social networks. (SOURCE)

Great Marketing Tips and Resources don’t end with Scoop It.

I’m sure you found some value in this article and can see how easy it is to use one simple tool and resource to grow your business. The good news is, we have more gems like this that we share with you daily. All you have to do is get connected with ou team, get connected to our training system, and you are then connected to a community of like minded people working together towards one goal.

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