Why Is Organization Important For Your Business?

OrganizationIs there Organization in your business?

If not, you might be making things more difficult for yourself.

Instead of having to send off emails to support for the following issues:

  • Passwords…
  • Not getting an email…
  • Something not working on the website…
  • Not sure what to do next, etc…..

organization would take care of itself.  It seems to me that if you follow the very helpful tips Mike shares  in the video below, organization won’t be a problem and all the issues would almost always be eliminated!

 Internet Marketing Organization: 3 Very Helpful Tools

Organization resources you really should have:

1, Password tool:  Lastpass.com or some other password tool.  (robo form)

2, email account:  some email accounts get blocked so you need to a gmail.com email. These are free to use and you can still use your other emails and just have gmail forward to your fave account (aol/comcast/hotmail, etc.).  Gmail gets delivered better, and has less of a bounce rate than say aol.com and it also has filters which really let you have optimzed organization in your business.

3, web browser:  it is very common to have problems logging in on certain browser.  Some programs work and some don’t.   For example, I have a Beachbody.com account where I log my daily workouts but I can’t log into it on Firefox.  I can only log into my account if I do it from Internet Explorer.

Depending on whether you are using a PC or  MAC, your computer organization should involve at least 2 extra browsers – Firefox and Google Chrome (Safari for MAC users)

An additional feature about Firefox, it has lots of additional ad ons.  You will find a ton of great things you can use to further enhance your business organization.

These simple organization tips can help save you a ton of headaches as you market online.

1. save your passwords
2. new Gmail account
3. different browsers to open things you need.

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